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could not? i don't think so, please keep your comments coming and reach us at fox news have a great week and see you next fox news sunday. . >> harris: amid concerns that america has entered a third war in the middle east, word tonight the pentagon expects to turn control of the mission in libya over to our allies in a matter of days. i'm harris falkner, we're live with a special edition of fox report. >> it's just the beginning. >> the u.s. and allies, now seeing the effects of a full scale military operation to stop libya's leader, muammar gaddafi. >> and effectively he hasn't
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flown any in the last few days, i would say the no-fly zone is effectively in place. >> harris: that was 24 hours ago, and tonight, fox reports live from tripoli. what our journalists on the ground are seeing now. plus, life saving supply already running low in japan's devastation zone. now traces of radiation found in even more food sources. but a month a frantic rush to contain a nuclear disaster. >> earthquake survivors pulled from the wreckage. we're live from japan where a new day begins. we begin tonight with a heavy bombardment by coalition forces inside libya. mixed messages by muammar gaddafi who has called for a new cease-fire and promises to fight to the death at the same time. here is where we stand. the fog calling operation
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odyssey dawn a success and we're told the no-fly zone is now in effect and cruise missiles and long range bombers have taken out a number of key targets including ground forces and air defense systems and the libyan military answering back with anti-aircraft fire lighting up the nighttime skies over tripoli, it's just after one in the morning there. and in benghazi, rebels celebrating the could alition attack. and yesterday, gaddafi prepared ready to launch a vicious assault on the city in which the allied air strikes prevented for now. our steve harrigan is live with the latest from tripply, steve? >> harris, over the past two hours, we've heard several bursts of anti-aircraft fire from different positions inside the city and you get the sense how the weapons are in this major capital city and traffic is slow and one of those positions just about 400 yards behind me and the other
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off to my right. and tracer fire killing the air and it's not clear what the targets were, there are unconfirmed reports of smoke rising from colonel gaddafi's compound here and inside tripoli the leader has not been seen in the flesh in the past two days and made a number of appearances on television, but the most recent statement to his poom have been by tele. he's saying this will be a long war, and he's threatening to attack not only military, but civilian positions as well in his conflict. harris. >> it's bizarre, earlier we heard the second announcement in as many days that there was a cease-fire and yet. from what you're telling us it doesn't sound like. what has the fighting been like. you talk about the smoke coming out of gaddafi's residence. has he been targeted? >> right now, pentagon officials are saying he he he has not been targeted. as far as fighting on the ground goes, gaddafi forces are still in action around the city of misurata, attempting to solidify control over that
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city from the west and coalition forces and the rebel situations in their strong hold has been benghazi, it zooms like a french air strike there turned the tables on that position and gaddafi air assaults on that city have been halted and many who have turned and talk about the rebels beginning to regroup and march back to the west and we've seen a see-saw battle here the past three weeks and rebel forces banding in tripoli and beat back and now beginning to gather again in their strong hold. >> harris: yeah, in all of this, though, steve, with citizens kind of in the middle of it, in the cross fire, what are people there saying about the allies who were attacking the ships or rather the planes in the skies? are they seeing the u.s. and the allies as friends or foe? >> there's two different positions depending where you're standing in libya. if you're in benghazi, you're thrilled by the and leads to a
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more-- here in tripoli, much more complicated picture, and the capital city still firmly under gaddafi control and apparatus and any attempted protests brutally put down, there are a large number of gaddafi supporters here and more who are paid to come out and turn out and profess their loyalty to the leader, as the rebel forces begin to approach again, we can see some of that popularity here. >> and showing that they're loyal to gaddafi. thank you, steve, we'll hear from you later in the hour as well. coalition air strikes hammering gaddafi forces overshadowing president obama's first official visit to south america. earlier the president speaking in rio de janeiro in brazil at the center of that country's revolution, against the 20 year dictatorship and the president stressing the libyan people, not the rest of the world must determine their nature's future. >> we have made clear that
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change they seek must be driven by their own people. but for our two nations, for the united states and brazil. two nations that have struggled, to protect our own democracies, the united states and brazil know the future of their world will be determined by-- >> now we're hearing since the first time since the air strikes in libya from defense secretary robert gates and giving us a peek into the president's decision to use force against gaddafi and mike emanuel is travelling with the president live in rio, mike? >> well, good evening, harris, i tell you the president has been briefed multiple times and we have a photos of the first brief of the day and emanuel mike long joint chiefs and the general commanding the efforts in libya and carter hamm talked to secretary of state clinton about the diplomatic effort and then talked with his senior national security advisors
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about the next phases of this effort. you know, the president received several other briefings from his national security advisor tom donlan and he worked the phones, calling king abdullah of gordon, obviously a key ally in the middle east region and there's definitely an effort here to come out of a briefing from tom donlan and a frt to show the commander chief even thoughs' a long way from home, involved in trying to get his team clear guidance, harris. >> harris: we heard from the president over the last couple of days and what's he saying now, at this hour, about the situation in libya? >> you know, nothing specific about it the military effort so far. he was giving a speech about democracy, talking directly to the brazilian people and then spoke a bit about what we're seeing in the middle east and in africa, take a listen. >> you see the people of libya take a cry gus stands against the teams that brutalize. across the region we see the
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young people rise up, a new generation, demanding the right to determine their own future. >> self several key themes coming from u.s. officials here in brazil and one in the u.s. leading this effort over the course of days, not weeks, and they say the u.n. resolution they are enforcing talks about protecting civilians does not talk about regime change, so at this point, they're focused on protecting civilians, harris. >> harris: i know earlier this evening we've heard from secretary gates. what is he saying on the situation in libya? >> well, he reiterated some of the points i just made. essentially that it's important to focus on your goal and the goal right now is making sure that muammar gaddafi cannot attack his own people and that's the principal focus at this point. a lot of questions whether they're going to be able to remove themselves from the situation, but officials here say they do believe there will
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be a transition in short order to the coalition leading the effort in libya, harris. >> mike emanuel travelling with the the president, he is he' in brazil tonight. thank you very much, mike. a top pentagon official saying they've damage and at the same time suggesting that gaddafi may stay in power on the ground. military's military taking a beating. for armored vehicles and trucks and u.s. and french and british fighter planes blasting the military hardware and despite that, gaddafi remains defiant promising the fight will go on. our jennifer griffin live at the pentagon and there are reports of the compound getting hit and we heard that there's smoke and steve harrigan says smoke coming out of the residents, what do you know? >> we that a senior u.s. defense officials say they're getting reports from the compound, that it's been struck. there are eyewitness accounts on the ground that it may have
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been a tomahawk missile and u.s. commanders, however, insisting today, that the u.s. mandate and that essentially is not to target gaddafi, take a listen. >> we're not going after gaddafi. the one thing that there is common agreement on, are the terms set forth in the security council resolution that we start adding additional objectives, then i think we create a problem in at that respect. i also think that it is unwise to set specific goals, things that you may or may not be able to achieve. >> that was secretary gates who was en route to russia and spoke to reporters on his plane. what we can say is that defense officials have told us they are not clear whether the french or the british may have targeted gaddafi's compound, earlier today when i spoke to a official he says the french are essentially doing their own thing there and the british are the only other
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ones firing tomahawk missiles from the the mediterranean two tomahawks were fired earlier in the basically in the last 24 hours, from the british submarines in the mediterranean out of the 124 tomahawk missiles that are fired, about 20 different sites. >> you bring up a good point, jennifer and heard from officials saying we're not going after gaddafi in quotes, but they didn't say what the coalition forces would be doing and speaking of that, the u.s., are we still planning to hand the command over of this mission in just a number of days and what could that look like? >> well, according to secretary gates on board that plane to russia, speaking to journalists, reiterated they plan to hand over control in the next few days and that it would be handed over to either a british, french or n.a.t.o. commander. currently, however, operations are still being run by general carter hamm the head, and he has the u.s. b-2 bombers
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involved in the fight and tomahawk missiles and the unique capabilities the u.s. brings to the fight and it's been overseen, commanding control of those armaments are being overseen by u.s. general carter hamm, but gates saying that he would like to hand those over, that the grand and control mission over to a french, british or nate o-commander in the coming days. >> a lot of people would like to hear that message if they're worried we would be in a third war situation in the middle east. jennifer griffin, thank you. the our journalists on the ground in libya, capturing footage of a fighter jet the shot out of the sky by rebel forces and at first they were celebrating, but now we know they made a grave mistake. and sorted through wreckage from our team. and in japan, pressure rising inside a crippled reactor. what the japanese are doing now to head off a growing crisis. and ending in silence at a standoff.
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>> an international coalition, and military prevention in the middle east, and joining us in iraq. joining us with more on the military strategy and now it's working so far, is a former n.a.t.o. commander and u.s. commander of the 6th fleet. admiral? >> good evening, harris. >> harris: good evening, thank you for being here and joining us, rather. the access so far, does that mean it's soon going to be over? >> no, and i think we have to take a look at short and long-term goals. in the short-term, establishing air supremacy to
7:17 pm
make sure nothing flying is allowed in libya is short-term and can be done over a long period of time, but it done necessarily say that you have won. if by doing this alone, it hasn't stopped gaddafi from attacking his people. >> harris: well, and he can do that from the ground is what i hear you saying. so what's next for us? there are reports now, the pentagon saying we could be ready to hand over the mission in days to our allies. what would that look like? >> i think we all know that the united states has the most capable command and control capability that exists. many of the nations that work with us for much of a long time have been mirroring the same doctrine that we use and also have a common command and control capability that meshes and compliments ours easily. what it really means, as we may have stepped up to provide this initial high level capability, it can be replicated and then controlled by other nations, that we can support. so, for us, it doesn't mean
7:18 pm
anything other than we won't necessarily be the people in charge. >> okay, we'll still be part of it, obviously. so this is moving on urgent wires right now and we will work to confirm this, we have been talking about it with our reporters, the fact that there is some smoke reported coming out of the residence of gaddafi's compound in tripoli and now an urgent wire that according to the ap, that his residence possibly was destroyed by a missile. we won't know that, again, we'll have to confirm this and may not know that in a short while. here is the deal, okay. i'm being told now by our producer in the booth room my ear piece here, that we are able to confirm that gaddafi's residence in tripoli has been hit by a missile, officials telling fox news, his residence has been hit by a missile. admiral, i thought we weren't going to target him? did we do this, do you think, or did somebody else? >> i don't think we did.
7:19 pm
i don't think the secretary of defense, the chairman of the joint chiefs and the director of joint staff would be on news shows saying our intent would be to go after him particularly as the head of command and control. my suspicion, it's not a u.s. missile. if it was i think you're going to hear quickly from them what the circumstances were. >> harris: so it may not have been that they were necessarily targeting him. real quickly, senator graham, lindsey graham sailed through chris wallace, if we had an opportunity to take gaddafi down, one of the best he's seen. let's take a quick listen and then i want your response. >> let me just put it simply, this is the best chance to get rid of gaddafi in my life. if we don't get rid of him we will pay a heavy price down the road. the obama administration owns libya with gaddafi. get rid of this man. >> harris: secretary gates saying, admiral, that we wouldn't be targeting him. what do you think is next in
7:20 pm
terms of gaddafi and the united states? >> well, for sure, we all, when i say we, i think all of the free world think he's really just a bad guy and he does need to go away, but i think the u.n. mandate or the security council resolution is also very clear that regime change is not what is the order of the day. i think that there is consistency in what i've heard our secretary of state and the president who both have said it is time for gaddafi to go, and it is time for the people to decide that. so, i wouldn't be surprised if what we're zooing right now is that we're watching the conditions being set that if give the rebels a chance to oust this guy. >> harris: all right. admiral, we appreciate your expertise, thank you, sir. >> you're welcome. >> harris: japan working to prevent the release of radioactive material from the crippled fukushima nuclear
7:21 pm
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>> we're following reports that the compound of gaddafi in libya has been hit and through our reporter jennifer griffin at the pentagon has been able to confirm that military officials are telling fox news they have unconfirmed reports of a strike at gaddafi's residence. they're not saying whether the residence has been destroyed and other news reports are saying that coming out of tripoli. we're not confirming that per military officials and here is what's key and what the pentagon wants us to stress as well, the u.s. is not targeting gaddafi. however, that does not rule
7:25 pm
out the possibility that the british or the french have not struck that compound. so word moments ago coming into the fox news room that the residents of muammar gaddafi, the leader in libya, has been struck. as we get more information we'll bring it to you and go right back to the pentagon as we get that information. now, we want to move on to news making headlines in this country, a tough story. a wisconsin police officer tonight is dead after a dramatic shootout outside of a suburban home. take a look. [gunshots] >> policen entering in house in fond du lac, investigating an assault. and a third officer was injured outside the home and police led one woman out of house and into a car. the suspect dying with a
7:26 pm
self-inflicted gunshot wound after a six our standoff officer craig burkele died from his injuries and one officer in critical condition at this hour. and workers at japan's fukushima nuclear plant tonight are racing to prevent yet another catastrophe. but a little bit of good news to tell you about. engineers announcing two of the plants reactor units are now safely under control, but pressure inside one of those reactors and another one on the property is building. more on that in a moment. and first, another positive development. >> and-- this is amazing. rescuers pulling additional survivors from the rubble and earlier found a teenager and his 80-year-old grand mom inside the flattened two story home, but the death toll there reaching 8400. let's get the latest from greg palkot streaming live from
7:27 pm
osaka. it's now monday morning and what more do we know about the nuclear situation in fukushima? >> yeah, harris, those two reactors you mentioned that are pretty much safe, they were pretty much undamaged by the quake, but still, in cold shutdown and they're not to worry about. as for the gas pressure building up in yet another reactor, that has stabilized and foors of venting radioactive gas which looked like a possibility in the last 24 hours, that seems to have gone away. the attention today, monday, japan time on reactor number two, it's also heavily damaged, but there is electricity now running to it and the authorities there will try to get the coolest pumps running today and maybe as early today and could be a sign of a brack through in the situation and this as we get more informationver the weekend about traces of radioactive iodine turning up in the food chain here, that is in spinach and milk coming from that area, as well as minute traces in the tap water. according to the authorities, they have limited now the
7:28 pm
sales, distribution of that food stuff and looking harder at other contamination and other food that is being consumed here and they say, however, it is not going to be a danger to the population, harris. >> harris: greg palkot streaming live from japan tonight. thank you very much. now, we want to get you back to the breaking news situation out of the pentagon. our jennifer griffin has been working on confirming for us, the reports that gaddafi's residence, the compound has been struck and straight away now to jennifer. what can you tell us? >> we can confirm that the compound has been struck and also confirm that it was not a u.s. missile that struck the compound. u.s. officials telling us it was not u.s. missiles that were fired at gaddafi's compound. they did not rule out, however, that british missiles could have been involved in the strik, one official telling me that they don't have confirmation, but it looks like 80% chance it was a british missile that was fired at the compound.
7:29 pm
as you remember that famous, that famous fist, the golden fist we are told from the ground, that at least one missile struck the compound. the fist if i remember correctly where the u.s. struck in 1986 when president ronald reagan sent fighter jets and bombs to target gaddafi, that fist was built by gaddafi after i narrowly escaped death back in 1986. so, u.s. officials telling us it was not u.s. missiles this time that targeted the compound, but did not rule out that they were british missiles, harris. >> harris: just quickly because i know that we've reported earlier that he we don't know the whereabouts necessarily of gaddafi. with all of this news about the residents have we heard anything else? >> no, we still don't know at this time where gaddafi is and that's the problem, when-- and the u.s. knows this very well, from going back to
7:30 pm
mogadishu to somalia and targeting one individual in in these war zones, it's difficult and tricky business and don't be surprised if members of this coalition that have been cobbled together somewhat hastily, if there are certain calfiats to their participation and it's here that one line has been drawn in the sand and that the the u.s. is not targeting, we've heard that repeatedly from the pentagon officials on the record not targeting gaddafi directly. >> harris: interesting, i don't know if you heard the admiral's interview with me, that doesn't mean that the situation hasn't been set up for rebels to move in to gaddafi. and if you learn anything more from the pentagon, thank you. we've been saying that america and allies continue operations odyssey dawn. a live look over the skies of tripoli where our steve harrigan has the latest for us coming up. plus, this woman is accused of
7:31 pm
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7:35 pm
you about in the last few minutes we've been able to confirm from military officials, that the the compound of libyan leader muammar gaddafi has been hit. no word whether or not that compound was destroyed. we're seeing some reports of that, but the military is not confirming that from sources at the pentagon and don't know the whereabouts of gaddafi and haven't known that all day. that may or may not be linked to the fact that this compound has been hit. we don't want to draw conclusions, but we have had a reporter there live, steve harrigan, there's a producer you're working with on the ground outside the compound. what can you tell us what it looks like, you described smoke earlier, what else? >> reporter: harris, that heavily fortified compound of colonel gaddafi is about two miles away from where i'm standing in downtown tripoli. we have a producer at the scene inside the compound, and we're getting more details about destruction, apparently
7:36 pm
one four building has been destroyed, rubble everywhere, two circular holes in the roof that have building apparently from a strike and it's not clear when that strike exactly took place, but certainly a blow directly against colonel gaddafi's compound here, it's not clear whether there were any casualties involved in that strike. also, not clear the whereabouts of colonel gaddafi. it must be noted that gaddafi himself has not appeared before the cameras since these air strikes began and this might be the reason, for fear of being targeted and pentagon officials have stated repeatedly that the u.s. will in the target deliberately colonel gaddafi, but we're getting a description, two circular holes, one four-story building wiped out in that gaddafi compound about two miles from where i'm standing now, harris. >> harris: i realize you're in tripoli and it's the middle of the night, 1:36 in the morning and might not see a lot of people there.
7:37 pm
would there be be anybody around, to give comment. are people jubilant, the guy they're trying to oust, the compound has been hit? >> reporter: i think there's a deliberate attempt often by government minders who herd the press to a scene they want you to see and want you to report. they've taken us to hospitals where they're showing a large number of wounded men and said these are victims of us cruise missiles, now they've taken some reporters to the gaddafi compound deliberately to show here, this is an assassination attempt. this is an attack by western forces to try and kill the leader of this country, and the two holes caused by the missiles. >> harris: well of course, the united states standing firm it it not and will not target gaddafi on the mission odyssey dawn. one last question because we're too far away from benghazi, the rebel strong hold. i don't know how fast the information travels in that country, practically a civil
7:38 pm
war going on and hard to say, but interesting to see the rebel response to this. are you hearing anything about that? >> reporter: i think you've got three important milestones to take a look at since this conflict began. for one, gaddafi has dropped out of sight, it appears he's on the run or certainly in hiding, as the leader. he's not walking around in front of the camera and raising his fist in triumph as a few days ago, nows' making phone conversations and two, you haven't seen any government jet or helicopters fly since this attack began, so no-fly zone is in large effect already operational. and three, the gaddafi government band of forces on the rebel strong hold in benghazi has halted and we're hearing reports about the rebels there regrouping. the three key points in this fight, gaddafi is on the run. the rebels are regrouping, and their advance has been halted, the government advance has been halted in the east. >> harris: right there in
7:39 pm
tripoli, the compound, the residents of the compound, gaddafi, and they wanted out of control, that compound has been hit. no word whether or not he was in it or where he is tonight. steve harrigan, we'll check back. we'll get to our rick leventhal who is with rebel forces on the other side of the country for now. with us to help to put it in perspective is richard grinle, the a spokesperson for the past four u.s. ambassadors to the u.n. thanks for being here tonight. i have a whole host of questions i want to get to, but let's start with the breaking news about the possibility that gaddafi now certainly has gotten word that his xund has gotten hit. what does had a mean in all of this, kind of in a diplomacy, if you will, aspect of the story? >> well, really, for the americans, you know, we've gone out of our way to make sure that people understand that we did not target, we did not plan for getting gaddafi
7:40 pm
and it's troubling to he me that that's the case and the instruction that the obama team is doing. because at the end of the day haven't we learned about saddam hussein that a decade later we're going to find that it was prudent if we take out the madman when we have the chance? i certainly hope that prime-- the british and the french president's and leaders have the not instructed their military to not take gaddafi if they have the chance because i think we'll find a decade from now or two or three years from now we're going to regret this decision. >> harris: yes, who steps in to take his place if that in fact happens. >> that's one thing that president obama has been good about saying, it's up to the opposition of the the people of libya to make those determinations and we should not be in the business of trying to select who that is. however, we can play a role with instructing our team, our foreign policy team, our diplomates and intel officials to make sure that we're
7:41 pm
helping give information and helping select the right person. >> richard, earlier we got word that arab league really had unprecedented over the no-fly zone over libya, wavered in the allied attack. how important is that? >> i think it's important, but certainly not crucial. the arab league came out on march 10th and made-- actually march 12th. march 10th, sarkozy said let's have a no-fly zone, we had the british and the arab league come out and support sarkozy's decision. that series was important and the most troubling part of that was that the ideas decided to sit back and wait and have more meetings in washington and took them until the 12th to really come out and support this. so, it's important to have the arabs on board, certainly, with you it's not crucial. >> yeah, you know, i'm wondering how the rest of that region will see the united states and the allies.
7:42 pm
i mean, you have a lot of people in harm's way, you have protesting going on against the government in yemen, you have it in bahrain. we just saw it in egypt. will the rest of that region look to the united states and allies to come in and rescue those protesters, too? >> harris, such a good question, because i truly believe that the answer is absolutely yes and we see what's happening in syria, which to me is one of the most important countries to watch right now because we've had three days, demonstrations from syria, who would have thought that in damascus there would have been this upriding and that's really important. when the u.s. hesitates. when we don't support opposition forces that are trying it bring about change, not only good change foyer their country, but make the united states safer, we send a strong message that we're going to hesitate if they try to bring down their government and i'm uncomfortable with that, i want to see the united states stand for democracy,
7:43 pm
human rights no matter where. >> you know what's interesting? we've seen some-- not recently, but have in the past and we know there is he' anti-american sentiment there, is there a shift? are people starting to love us or what's going on? >> you know, at the end of the day, i don't think that we should focus on that, there's going to be pushes from governments to make this look like it's an american spot and i spent eight years at the u.n. and i can tell you when i'm sitting around the table with other diplomates, there are eyes looking at the americans and saying what are you going to do and what should we do and are we going to be able to follow you. if the americans hesitate. that's a huge problem. certainly, these governments are always trying to end like it's america's idea to have these demonstrations or it's israel's idea. that's a tired message we hear all the time and i don't think
7:44 pm
it works, i don't think that you can convince the streets of tunisia or the students in egypt that america or israel convinced them to go out into the streets and demonstrate against economic policies and lack of freedom. >> harris: that would be a stretch. richard grinle is with four former ambassadors. for tonight, military officials confirming that gaddafi's wound,ist residence has been hit and you heard steve harrigan describing the two holes, adjacent holes in the complex there that would look like maybe it's been hit by a missile and that's not been confirmed by military officials and our jennifer griffin is continuing to work the story and we'll be back with her and we have a producer with steve harrigan standing outside that compound to bring us firsthand accounts and we'll go back there as
7:45 pm
well. meanwhile, as japan struggles to contain the um pact of a nuclear crisis, we take a look at our own energy future and whether nuclear power should be part of it. some people say the risks are just too large. stay with us. how does gm exccelerate ? by designing, building and selling the vehicles the world wants today and into the future. and by choosing the new york stock exchange to accelerate their business. [ female announcer ] start your morning... hey. what are you doing up? i thought i'dake a drive before work. want to come? [ female announcer ] or make his day. yeah. [ female announcer ] maxwell house gives you a rich, full-flavored cup of coffee, so you can be good to the last drop.
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♪ [ female announcer ] introducing purina one beyond, a new food for your cat or dog. >> i'm harris falkner, we want to it will you about a situation at gaddafi's compound in tripoli. the united states saying that we did not, our military did not target that compound, but we can confirm it has been hit. whether or not he was in it, where he is tonight, we doesn't know. our reporters there on the ground, our producer is there as well and all the journalists we have working there confirming first, smoke coming out of the compound and visibly two holes which would look like it perhaps had been hit by a missile, but the military not confirming whether or not that happened. now, it's possible that the british or the french may have targeted gaddafi's home, we do not know for sure, but
7:49 pm
americans saying that it was not our military. the very latest on this, as the news continues to come in. this is a huge development symbolically and psychologically for the people there who wanted to oust their leader muammar gaddafi and his home, residence has been hit tonight. we'll bring you more information as it becomes available. moving on the nuclear disaster in japan making some people think twice about the nuclear energy and our own country. this is new york governor andrew cuomo attempts to get a nuclear plant north of new york city shut down. our julie banderas is live with more, julie. >> the obama administration taking no chances, reviewing all plants in the u.s. to assure americans they are safe. speaking on fox news sunday today, they asked steven shue, the future plants not be put in populated areas. >> and where we go forward, will be different than where
7:50 pm
we might have in the the past i would say. >> it's a game changer. >> anytime there's a serious accident, we have to learn from those accidents and go forward. >> concerns are deepening for more than 20 million americans living within a 50 mile radius of the indian point nuclear power plant in new york, including all of new york city. the plant lies about 30 miles north of the city and provides as much as 30% of its electricity and calls for the plant to be shut down have grown since the accident in japan, including from new york governor andrew cuomo who said it's too risky to keep it hope. branding indian point the most vulnerable to earthquakes in the nation. >> and in indian point, our plant is the most susceptible to an earthquake because reactor number three is on the floor and this plant, this proximity to new york city was never a good risk. >> reporter: entergy, the
7:51 pm
company that runs the plant insists it's strong and with stands the strongest earthquake in the area and applying now for new 20 year licenses to keep the plant running and indian point operating licenses are up in 2013 and 2015 and cuomo wants to block that and scheduled a meeting this tuesday with the nuclear regulatory commission to address the risks. harris. >> harris: thank you, julie, we will he' be right back. who's your someone? campbell's healthy request can help. low cholesterol, zero grams trans fat, and a healthy level of sodium. it's amazing what soup can do. you need to do the preventative things that you need to do for your heart health. for me, it means an aspirin regimen. before you begin an aspirin regimen. speo your dtor.
7:52 pm
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7:54 pm
>> quickly, we're getting new information in about the situation in libya, in tripoli the gaddafi's residence has been hit. and we're learning the u.s. military is saying it's not us, we did not target gaddafi, but we're not ruling out it's a missile that came from the british. and with our reporters there, they said it looked like a
7:55 pm
missile hit the residence. this is an older picture, remember, gaddafi's palace was hit in 1986 when ronald reagan was president and where he used to live. we don't have any pictures of what it looks likes at his residence in tripoli tonight, but at dawn you can bet plenty of pictures and video as media is gathering around and according to our correspondent there, steve harrigan, it's a huge, huge development there, psychological and symbolic hit of gaddafi's residence. we don't know who was in that house. we don't know if he was there. we don't know of gaddafi's whereabouts, but as you might imagine we will he' bring you details as they continue to come into the news room. we're moving back to home now where there's plenty of action in the sports world this weekend. new updates on a situation with nascar and danica patrick. and we'll start with the big dance, basketball. and i don't know if you like a cinderella story, if you do you're going to like this one.
7:56 pm
joining us now is darin he beerson with the wall street journal, a sports reporter with them. darin, good to have you. butler picked off pitt last night and it wasn't pretty. >> no, not for pitt. once again, i hate to say choked, but it seems to happen every year with pitt. butler, a big run and sweet 16, but again, got lucky last night. a crazy foul call at the end and butler benefit. >> harris: they went to the final last year and they couldn't do it. your pick, can they do it this year, can they get there? >> they can get there, they're one of the easiest in the tournament and in the game against wisconsin if they get back to the the final four. >> harris: our viewers are picking kansas. we've got to get to danica patrick and a bad spill, her car hit the wall. >> bad weekend for her and nascar is getting sick of her whining. after this happened this weekend she called out the driver and what's up with that? and the driver was funny, his
7:57 pm
crew chief don't worry about it, danica feels she's never wrong about anything and i think that fans want to see danica to stop complaining and start racing. >> harris: well, she's a great driver. darin, appreciate you being here. new fears over gaddafi's chemical weapons and news that husband house has been hit. stay with us. ities. back then, he had something more important to do. he wasn't focused on his future but fortunately, somebody else was. at usaa we provide retirement solutions for our military, veterans and their families. from investments... to life insurce... to health care options. learn more with our free usaa retirement guide. call 877-242-usaa.
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